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America Star Books – Glow of Love

For Immediate Release
Contact: Public Relations Department

July 25, 2014

Dear editor:

America Star Books is proud to announce the release of Glow of Love, by Dutch author Bram Zoon. The book is the English translation of Bram Zoon’s original Dutch novel, Gloed van liefde, published in the Netherlands by Uitgeverij Free Musketeers in Zoetermeer.

A brief synopsis of Glow of Love: In this story, the author narrated his entire life span. He talked about the absence of a father figure, the will to adapt to an emerging mother figure, and the other various adversities he faced. This is the saga of a boy who used to be frightened, but ultimately developed into a confident and matured person.

Please let me know if you are interested in an interview with Bram. I will gladly and quickly put him in touch with you. We are proud of him as he is one of the first Dutch authors we decided to introduce to the American readers market. Until now, Americans have rarely been exposed to foreign literature. At America Star Books we have decided to change this, and Bram is now among the first to blaze the trail!

Please contact me at PRDept@americastarbooks.com for more information, or call me at +1 443.684.7893.

Thank you!
America Star Books,
— Jackie Velnoskey, Public Relations

America Star Books is headquartered in Frederick, Maryland, USA. First established in 1999, the publishing company is home to more than 65,000 authors. Co-founder is Willem Meiners, formerly a Dutch newspaper journalist who was editor-in-chief at De Gooi- en Eemlander in Hilversum before he immigrated to America in 1991. America Star Books is presently translating and publishing in English thousands of books written by authors from 19 foreign countries.

Bram Zoon – Glow of Love